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openSSL breaks aMSN

Hello guys, a few days ago I noticed that aMSN kept giving me "Error connecting to server", and when I looked into the programme's connection log I noticed that it said:

[12:33:57] Logged in with protocol MSNP15
[12:33:58] Received answer to SOAP request sent to with action  : ...
[12:33:58] ... status=error, LastError=, FaultDetail=
[12:33:58] SSO::AuthenticateCallback : ::SSOAuthentication::SOAPRequest1 - error
[12:33:58] Error connecting to server
[12:33:58] ::MSN::CloseSB ns Called
[12:33:58] Connection ::NS::Connection1 socket configured. Flushing
[12:33:58] ::MSN::ClearSB ns called
[12:33:58] clearing sb ns. oldstat=d
[12:33:58] Connection ::NS::Connection1 socket configured. Flushing
[12:33:58] Loging out
[12:33:58] logging out, creating loginscreen : loggedOut 

and a few other things.

If I downgrade to openSSL from [core], everything works fine. Do you guys know whether it's a known problem or not? Thanks in advance.

Asus G53Jw-IX160V Intel Core i7 740M 1.73 GHz, 8 GB RAM DDR3 1333 MHz, nVidia GTX 460M 1.5 GB GDDR5. Arch Linux 64 bit, of course. wink


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