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envee - A versatile system information script for screenshots


envee is a light bash script inspired by archey and screenFetch. It currently can display 4 different Arch Linux ASCII logos, along with information about the system.

My goal is to allow for many different variations, many different options, so that every user can make the output look the way they want.

Any system information entry can be modified, and new entries can be defined.

usage: envee [option]

 general options:
   -h, --help                  print this help message and exit
   -v, --version               print version info and exit

 art options:
   -A, --Art=ARTOPT            change the ASCII art
   --gallery                   display all possible ASCII art choices
[~/sour] [6] $ sour --help
 color options:
   -a, --art-color=COLOR       change the art color
   -l, --label-color=COLOR     change the label color
   -d, --data-color=COLOR      change the data color

 color choices:
   red, green, yellow, blue, magenta, cyan, white

 variable options:
   -s, --set VAR=VALUE         define new or existing variable

 variable choices:
   host, shell, editor, kernel, cpu, explicit, foreign, term, other

   envee -a white -l blue -d white -s WM=dwm
   envee --art-color=magenta --set shell=zsh
   envee --set host=modula-1 --set editor=vim
   envee --Art=poison --art-color=green --label-color=white --data-color=red

[~/sour] [6] $ sour --help



  • The github repo is here

  • It's on the AUR as envee-git: here

Any input would be appreciated smile

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