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From: varese, italy
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[oblogout] theme-icon builder script

hi to everybody,

today i share with the community my script

very very basic script which it does only one thing: save time when adapt oblogout icon to system icon (in my case gnome-colors, but it should work with some trick for every icon theme)

# requirement: librsvg, geany, gnome-colors-icon-theme
# created by mattia.b89 <mattia DOT b89 AT gmail DOT com>
# based on "forger" command <>


mkdir $TEMP_DIR

cd /usr/share/icons/gnome-colors-common/scalable/actions
cp system-lock-screen.svg $TEMP_DIR/
cp application-exit.svg $TEMP_DIR/
cp view-refresh.svg $TEMP_DIR/
cp process-stop.svg $TEMP_DIR/

cd /usr/share/icons/gnome-colors-common/scalable/apps
cp gnome-session-suspend.svg $TEMP_DIR/
cp gnome-session-hibernate.svg $TEMP_DIR/
cp gnome-shutdown.svg $TEMP_DIR/
cp gnome-session-switch.svg $TEMP_DIR/


for i in *; do $CONVERTER $i -w $WIDTH -h $HEIGHT -o `echo $i | sed -e 's/svg$/png/'`; done 

mv system-lock-screen.png lock.png
mv application-exit.png logout.png
mv view-refresh.png restart.png
mv process-stop.png cancel.png
mv gnome-session-suspend.png suspend.png
mv gnome-session-hibernate.png hibernate.png
mv gnome-shutdown.png shutdown.png
mv gnome-session-switch.png switch.png

sudo mkdir -pv /usr/share/themes/gnome-colors/oblogout

sudo cp -v *.png /usr/share/themes/gnome-colors/oblogout/

rm -rf $TEMP_DIR

sudo $EDITOR /etc/oblogout.conf

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