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aBuild - build yourself Arch Linux Live CD/DVD images

Greetings, Archers!

My name is Ivailo and this is my first post here.

I'm working on a project called aBuild (the branding is a subject of change) which aims to provide a simple tool to build Live CD/DVD images on top of Arch Linux. I know about Archiso and Larch where the second is currently broken. Now Archiso is advanced project which aims to support some things which I don't (like PXE booting, using multiple squashfs image files and probably others) thus leaving my project with a simple source code if I may say so because it's just a few Bash script and a few more files but I do plan to add support for copy2ram and probably a few more things.

So far I've done the basic things like using AUFS (which needs patched kernel) to provide read-write filesystem, kernel parameters to override default values of variables, use packages list to install them into the base filesystem (both local and remote), Wiki for documentation and a few more things but I would appreciate some feedback from the Archers on this forum.

As mentioned above the project name and logo is a subject of change, now I've read the Trademark Policy and from what I understand I can use "A", "Arch" etc. only if the project is to be used on or for Arch Linux and that's really what it is aimed for. Actually it can't be used on other GNU/Linux distribution because it requires the devtools package smile. So naming it aBuild and using the Arch Linux logo shouldn't be a problem as far as I add the "™", right?

PKGBUILD can be found here.

I'm looking forward for your feedback. The project home page is at and as mentioned there is a Wiki to get you started.

Cheers for years!

Edit: repository changed, messed up the things a little bit :S
Edit2: added link to PKGBUILD

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Re: aBuild - build yourself Arch Linux Live CD/DVD images

Hi smil3y - I built a similar project.  It actually is more generic and builds funtoo / gentoo images as well.  It is tough building funtoo / gentoo since it's compile from source and occassionally breaks ...


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