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#1 2012-04-15 21:20:31

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[announce] selfspy-git

selfspy-git wrote:

What is this?
Selfspy is a daemon for Unix/X11 that continuously monitors and stores what you are doing on your computer. This way, you can get all sorts of nifty statistics and reminders on what you have been up to. It is inspired by the Quantified Self-movement and Stephen Wolfram's personal key logging.

See Example Statistics, below, for some of the fabulous things you can do with this data.


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Re: [announce] selfspy-git

Wow! This is fan-tas-tic!

I've been wanted to track the work I do for a while now but could never do it because I always forgot to turn the app on and off when I started or stopped working. This is a zero-maintenance solution. Really cool stuff!


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