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Which ZFS kernel module to use and how to set it up?

Hello Forum

I am new to Arch and currently in the middle of my "natural" migration from Ubuntu/Mint. As a kind of feasability analysis I have already set up my aging Netbook with Arch/Xfce and was immediately impressed by the elegance and responsiveness of the whole system.

Background: I have been using ZFS since OpenSolaris 2009.06. When development ceased I switched to a newer version on OpenIndiana, only to switch again to FreeBSD once their support became stable. Now I have a file server and a backup server both running FreeBSD with ZFSguru. In short, I love ZFS.

Challenge: Under Ubuntu I have migrated my /home to ZFS with the help of ppa:zfs-native/stable and it is working flawlessly. Settling for Arch on my desktop now, I would like to do the same here. I trust's implementation but how do I get that under Arch?

Checking the AUR for non-fuse and non-outdated ZFS packages produces two related results: [] []

As far as my research goes, there is not much about ZFS on the forums and nothing on the wiki. I have read the comments on both AUR pages, too, but I still cannot tell: Which package is the one to use or what is the difference between them? Are there any pending issues or is there anything else I have to set up (like dkms) apart from installing the package via yaourt? Also, will it still work if I change my kernel (to linux-ck or linux-pf)?

I realise that this is complex (or is it?) but I would be so glad if someone could share their wisdom with me.

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Re: Which ZFS kernel module to use and how to set it up?
and … nux_on_ZFS

I followed the last guide (just to get zfs) but did not install it as root (yet). I did not need to change my kernel to install it (using standard x64 kernel). But you want a 64-bit system with ZFS.  Anyway when there was a new kernel version the pacman -Syu failed because of dependency of zfs to linux package. I had to uninstall the zfs and spl packages, remove zfs from mkinitcpio and rc.conf and generate new boot images, reboot, recompile and install zfs and spl again. Maybe not the easiest or best way to do it? Maybe not all steps were necessary either?

Anyway it was easy to install but maybe there is some recommended procedure to make kernel updates work better, perhaps with DKMS? But will it work with ZFS on root suring kernel updates? I mean if you uninstall zfs then you don't access the file system and can not reboot to finnish the upgrade. Maybe I could recompile the modules for the new kernel without rebooting first?

Sorry for newbie questions and digging up an half old thread...
Perhaps we would want a dkms-zfs package on AUR?


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