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No Gnome (SOLVED)

New to Arch - experienced with Gentoo.

I have followed the installation instructions to the letter. I have the system up and running under udev with the standard scsi-ARCH kernel. Xorg and Alsa are working well, the NVIDIA drivers are great (glxgears @ 4000+). GDM works, but as soon as i log in through GDM nothing happens!

Obviously I am doing something wrong - but I can't see what. The setup is as per book without any deviation.

startx with twm works fine
startx with "exec gnome-session" in ~/.xinitrc fails (gives a black screen)

Any ideas - requests for further debug info - I'm a bit lost on this distro!! (But would like to learn more)

Added "network" to daemons in rc.conf - Gnome now up.

Intel-D915GAV : Software Raid0 x 4 SATA : 1GB Ram : 3Ghz HT-P4


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