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Linux History Through Magazines

So I was going through my magazines looking for bathroom reading and I found the first Linux magazine I ever bought way back in January of 2000.

It made me think somebody else must have also have the first Linux magazine they ever bought. So take a pic, post it up and reminisce.

Here's the pick of mine.

I remember I actually bought my first distro. It was Caldera Linux. I then tried Slackware and failed miserably. Since then I've tried a lot of distros, Mandrake, Fedora, Red Hat, Debian, Ubuntu, etc., etc.. Now I run all my machines as minimal as possible while still providing the functionality I require, and all are on Arch.

Pls post your first or earliest magazine you still have and what distro you first tried if you can remember.

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#2 2012-04-28 06:59:17

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Re: Linux History Through Magazines

Mine was around 99. It gave Corel Linux, my first one. I used it for a while, then Suse, and finaly Arch.

But I don't save my magazines; when there are 4-5 issues of one of them, I throw them out. Unless they are somewhat timeless magazines about mountains and such...


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Re: Linux History Through Magazines

Wow, this is nostalgic. I don't think I still have the first Linux-specific magazine that I bought. But before that I got the July 2007 issue of Wired because it had a lengthy article about Hans Reiser (just like my fourth post to the Arch forums). I'll post the pic tomorrow.
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Re: Linux History Through Magazines

This is mine, may not be the first one I ever bought but it was around this time I started with linux, I tried slackware first and couldn't do anything, went to mandrake and picked up the basics then was back on slackware for ages.  Between then and now I've tried pretty much all of them, usually stick with arch.


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Re: Linux History Through Magazines

Mine wasn't even a Linux magazine it was an Amiga magazine (AUI, AF, CUAmiga or some such) and it had Debian 3 m68k on the coverdisks - my very first foray into the Linux world. Sadly, the magazine has long since passed into history and is nothing more than a memory.


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Re: Linux History Through Magazines

I never bought Linux magazines (by the time I was really into Linux, internet had replaced magazines for those interests).
But I did _find_ Linux through a magazine.  It was PC Magazine actually, and they gave a short (paragraph) review of a couple different distros.
I was just floored that there was something _other_ than Windows, and had to try it out -- ended up with SUSE 9.


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Re: Linux History Through Magazines

I remember the day way back in 1999 when I spotted the APCmag Linux Pocketbook at the local store. Without hesitation I forked out $20 and it was mine. It came with 3 cd's containing Red Hat 6.0 and Caldera 2.2. I chose to run Red Hat, so that was my first distro. The great thing  was that the pocketbook explained everything in detail and made setting up a system easy. For a long time it was my goto reference for anything linux. I still have the cd's and the old Gateway 2000 I used back then so when I have some free time I might just revisit Red Hat for a bit of nostalgia.


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Re: Linux History Through Magazines

Does the Idiot's Guide to Linux count? that was actually the first time i got serious about linux. Before that there was some generic linux distro on a disk on CHIP magazine in 98 or something - i remember myself thinking that it must be very bad, because it was for free ^^ like all the stupid shareware that was on such disks those days... if i had known...


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