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Behaviour of ctrl+w in bash


The shortcut ctrl+w in bash deletes the word at the cursor until it reaches whitespace. This is often very handy. But sometimes I'd like to have a shortcut that deletes up to the last non-letter (or non-identifier) character, instead of up to whitespace.

E.g. if I have this in my terminal:

optipng images/1.png

Then pressing ctrl+w gives this:


While I'd like to have a shortcut that gives this:

optipng images/

Does that exist? I couldn't find any.



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Re: Behaviour of ctrl+w in bash

This sort of behavior is documented in readline(3), not by directly by bash. You can get this behavior by binding the 'unix-filename-rubout' action, e.g. by adding the below to your .inputrc:

"\C-e\C-w": unix-filename-rubout

^e^w will then delete backwards, respecting slashes as word boundaries.

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Re: Behaviour of ctrl+w in bash

With the cursor at the end of the line, I would have used Alt+b to move backwards by punctuation-separated word, then used Ctrl+k to delete from the cursor to the end of the line.

Alt+b recognizes hyphens,underscores and slashes, as well as whitespace, as word boundaries.  Alt+f works similarly but forwards.  Ctrl+b and Ctrl+f are backwards and forwards by character – those arrow keys sometimes seem such a long distance away for my fingers that I use these shortcuts frequently.

Some other keyboard navigation and editing that I use:

Ctrl+a and Ctrl+e are shortcuts to the beginning and end of a line.
Ctrl+d deletes a single character; Alt+d deletes forward by punctuation-separated word.

Ctrl+Underscore undoes line edits one-by-one, you can repeat till you've finally restored to the bare prompt.


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Re: Behaviour of ctrl+w in bash

Hmm, whoever designed those bash shortcuts did it really weird, they're so inconsistent...

Deleting a word backwards does not respect punctuation, and uses CTRL in the shortcut.
Deleting a word forwards does respect punctuation, and uses ALT in the shortcut.

Not to mention that there's no connection at all between the letters and the action for those smile


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Re: Behaviour of ctrl+w in bash

OP may be interested in putting

set -o vi

in their .bashrc.

Pressing v will then let you edit the current command in $EDITOR.

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