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Pm-utils and tuxonice

While setting up tuxonice on my netbook (very useful), i came across this wiki page: … tils_setup
And i started to ask me the reason of this: if i hibernate from xfce menu (using pm-utils), i need to create an hook to set compression, and now i had to add no_multithreaded_io rule to avoid BFS breaking TOI too... so, if i launch hibernation from pm-utils, it seems that /etc/hibernate/tuxonice.conf is not read, is it?
But how?
If i use

sudo hibernate -F /etc/hibernate/tuxonice.conf

that file is obviously read, and all of my configs are used.
So, i don't understand why pm-utils, calling tuxonice hibernation method (as set in /etc/hibernate/hibernate.conf), doesn't read tuxonice.conf.
And another question:

sudo hibernate -F /etc/hibernate/tuxonice.conf

won't make my pm scripts run, will it?(it doesn't use pm-utils so i guess my scripts won't run.)
And lastly: what rules are then loaded when i start hibernation from pm-utils? What file is read? /etc/hibernate/common.conf? It doesn't seem, because there are options that i'm sure are not read ( … 4#p1099424).

Please help me to kill this mind-mist! smile
Thanks for your patience!

ps: sorry for my probably-not-clear-enough english!

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