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xorg won't find screens because vga is not a pci device

I586/connochaetos will load the necessary files through pacman but then doing Xorg -configure comes back with the error messages no screens found.  I guess X can't be used on here.  With less than 64MB it probably wouldn't do it anyway, even though it would work fine with say redhat 7.  I like arch better.

The chips and technologies 65545 is an ISA device.  Unfortunately, the i586 connochaetos won't really work even though it works fine, not with older hardware being used for older application.  Then if I wanted to make the wireless work better I wouldn't use connochaetos libre kernel, I'd have to recompile with a regular non-libre kernel.  The device works perfectly on a machine that can use a i686 or x86_64 stock arch kernel with a cardbus slot.  Anyhow, if I want to be able to at least use the video, I have to resort to ISA friendly kernel.  So I guess I'm stuck with redhat and the possible lack of being able to easily update this piece of older machinery.

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