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Pairing BT headset works but stream setup fails for audio.

[Update #2: so finally i got Blueman to set up the stream with pulse audio after installing the pulseaudio-alsa package though pacman on the 1015pn but audio becomes choppy and locks up when trying to playback music... I'm currently investigating this issue a little more as I finally got somewhere with it. this was where i was at on ubuntu 11.10 as this was exactly the same issue: Paired and setup the stream with pulseaudio but became really choppy and skipped a lot during playback sometimes freezing the applications i tried to use(audacious and clementine). I think this may be driver related on the bcm4313 chipset. I'll have to check the drivers i Installed... Hope to clean this thread up If no one answers and provide a detailed solution myself. 

[update: apparently the issue is with it switching to or setting up pulseaudio through blueman... I went through both the manual setup from the wikis on bluetooth and bluetooth headsets but nothing came of it. rebooting and restarting the daemons didn't work either. I checked the config files in /etc/bluetooth and /etc/pulse as well as asound.conf and nothing appears to have changed yet starting up my 1018p netbook last evening decided to work without any changes. now it works flawlessly through the usb dongle on this netbook so I poured over the same configs to see if there were any changes that might explain why it works now on this netbook but turned up nothing. the 2 netbooks have nearly the same setup with almost identical startup scripts(rc.conf, xinitrc etc...). I have been able to reproduce the working results on the 1018p but have no success with the 1015pn or even my friends laptop(which I had made a very similar setup to my own.). I can't mark this as solved yet as I still don't know what's going on and what would be the correct setup to have this working on all of our computers. If i find it on my own I'll rewrite this to explain what's happing and how I solved it... Any suggestions would be appreciated.]

OK before posting I read through a long list of threads here and elsewhere on bluetooth and pulseaudio, alsa, bluez, blueman etc. but nothing seems to work on any of my netbooks. 1018p and 1015pn asus eeepc's. that later has built-in bluetooth(b4313 broadcom wireless card) the other i use a dongle. Bluez, blueman, pulseaudio, pulseaudio-alsa, pavucontrol, and PNmixer applet are installed. I can pair with our bluetooth devices(a speaker and headset) just fine and both issue their chirp/beep letting me know that they paired successfully. Every attempt though to run audio sink through the blueman applictation returns a "failure to setup stream error". headset service fails as well. In pavucontrol the headset (or speaker) doesn't show up at all as a listed output device. the bluetooth daemon is added in rc.conf after dbus and my user is added to the right groups (lp, audio, etc.....) I've dug around reading the config files for bluez, pulseaudio and haven't found anything that looks relevent to why I can't send audio to my headset. I've been racking my brain on this one for over a week and still can't seem to find the right info related to this problem.... Any suggestions? If you need log files point me where to get them and i'll gladly past them here as well.... other info:
I'm running Slim+Xfce4+xfwm on the 1018p and Slim+xfce4+compiz+gtk on the 1015pn but the issue seems to be unrelated to my DE.
AM i missing a simple profile or line in some config I've overlooked? everything else work seemlessly on these netbooks....

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Re: Pairing BT headset works but stream setup fails for audio.

how did you get blueman to setup the audio stream?

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