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#1 2012-05-29 17:27:15

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sq: a new 7x15 pixel font

I have been playing around with Chris Cannam's Codec font, when I noticed it looked rather similar to FF Quadraat Sans Mono, which I always wanted to use as a console font, at least since Octoploid made this awesome screenshot.  But I never was confident with the outline font at low size, and I dislike the look of anti-aliasing.

I thus decided to redraw Codec with great influence of Quadraat and created a new, crisp 7x15 .bdf font called "sq", which you can see below.  Since urxvt has problems with emboldening, I also made a bold version and manually revised the characters.

The font has the full latin1 range and I put it into the public domain.

7-bit ASCII subset, normal and bold:


Sample text:


Font repository:


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Re: sq: a new 7x15 pixel font

Looks nice at first glance, though the 'f' is a bit too long for my taste.

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