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switching to eglibc

Hi *

I'm using Arch as base for my home media server (MythTV).
I have server in my system which, when compiled & launched on Archlinux, deadlocks quickly while users compiling the same server under Mythbuntu 12.04 reports is runs OK.
Developer of this server suggests that issue might be in broken double mutex locking/unlocking in Arch.
Server in question depends only on kernel & glibc.
I do some tests and it looks like problem isn't related to kernel (tested on 3.0.x & 3.3.x lines), so next candidate to check is libc.
Arch uses glibc while Ubuntu eglibc.
What is simplest way to switch Arch to eglibc ?
I was trying compile eglibc from AUR but it fails on configure ("compiler with f-array support is not present" or something like this).
AUR eglibc package is out-of-date so no surprise.

Pls advice.

Thx in advance


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