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#1 2005-08-03 13:38:07

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some issues on X...

I load my X with the shell command startx after login.
My wm is windowlab.
I have some issues on X:

1) when I attempt to run startx as common user I get:

xauth:timeout in locking authority file

I went through xauth manpages but I still don't understand some things. How do I use the command

xauth -i

as it is said to make X ignore Xauthority? Or do I have to use the generate command in xauth?

2) In windowlab.menurc the quit command is

quit=skill windowlab

as it is, the system freezes and I have to reboot with alt+ctrl+del. From my newbie point of view, it seems that it kills windowlab but xsession (or xserver) keeps going... my goal is to get back to shell prompt when I quit windowlab...How do I kill Xand get back to shell?

3) When I try to add a line in windowlab.menurc such as


it doesn't work. The same happens w/ Mutt. I can only summon these apps from xterm. How can I start  it in X without opening a xterm first?


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