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#1 2012-06-24 16:47:07

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Looking for an XSMP library to replace old libegg/smclient

Hi, I'm one of the maintainers of Audacious (, which has used the smclient code from Gnome's libegg ( for ages to support the X Session Management Protocol (  Supporting XSMP is necessary for a program (such as Audacious) to be visible to the session manager (i.e. gnome-session, xfce4-session, etc.) so that the program can be remembered on logout and restarted again on next login.  The problem is, libegg/smclient has always been intended to be a temporary solution, and now that GtkApplication supports XSMP, libegg/smclient will no longer be maintained.  So I'm wondering if there are any Arch developers who have run into the same problem, and what your solution was.  Is there an alternative XSMP support library out there?  Or do people even care about XSMP anymore; should we drop support for it entirely?

EDIT: I forgot to say, using GtkApplication is not a viable option here.  It's too much tied to a model that GTK+ devs think a program should follow, which Audacious doesn't (and can't) follow.

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Re: Looking for an XSMP library to replace old libegg/smclient

Hi John

I was looking for the same thing.. Looks like the only library that can fulfill your needs is SMlib.
My needs, unfortunately, are more difficult to implement.. I need to find way to save state from SIGTERM handler, but GTK kills the process when it disconnects from X, before SIGTERM handler finishes, and I get corrupted files.

Since your post is 2 years old, could you write if you found anything interesting?


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