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#1 2012-06-26 16:35:40

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Boinc wont connect to worldcommunitygrid

I installed Boinc via pacman on 32bit arch

ran boincmgr and connected to WCG, but had long delay with getting units, until finally one FAAH unit came through. I kept tweaking other UI things on the computer and 2 reboots later it wont connect and my partially completed unit has disappeared.

I looked online for hours, pasted ca-bundle-crt into every folder and *attemped  to look at my logs. Though im not sure which one is the correct one. Which log should I check?

I read one solution about rebuilding the package, but since I installed from pacman I wasn't sure if this step was needed. Is pacman fallible for dependencies, or are they fixed packages?


#2 2012-06-27 01:08:12

From: Cymru
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Re: Boinc wont connect to worldcommunitygrid

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