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Single System, Multi Architecture

Is it possible to have one centralized linux system, but have both 86_64 AND PPC binaries installed?  Then have different machines netboot into the central system, and no matter which of the two architectures it was, it would have appropriate copies of the binaries.  Because I have four machines, two of each architecture, and I would love to somehow make them all feel like one connected machine rather than four separate ones.  Thanks.


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Re: Single System, Multi Architecture

Sure, you can.  The computer doesn't care what is in the tftp directory.  But you can update the one architecture from that machine using reused package cache.  The other machine will have to copy its' files in the way it is supposed to work into its' own architecture installation directory on tftp.  Now I'm not sure right off the top of my head whether PPC netboots.   You will have to use the machine of the different architecture to constantly update the tftp by mounting it's NFS share.

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