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#1 2005-08-09 09:47:26

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Downloading ethernet drivers for installation

I just got a new computer based around the intel d945gtp motherboard with the 82573v pci-express gigabit ethernet thingamy.  Now when I try and install arch 0.7 via ftp I first get the "cannot find network interface" warning, and then the menu comes up suggesting it either probe for a nic, or that I pick one.  When I try and select the ethernet device manually, it says "cannot find eth0" or something like that.  Now i know this is a new motherboard, but I also know that Intel has linux drivers for my network card.  Is there anyway I can install arch via ftp or do I have to do a cd install?


#2 2005-08-09 09:58:01

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Re: Downloading ethernet drivers for installation

Well, given the card is a fair recent one there seems a slim chance to me that the drivers for it are on the cd/built into the kernel

To check this you will need to find out what kernel module your ethernet card uses and check the default arch kernel config to see if it is supported

Aside from that you are almost certainly stuck with a cd install


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Re: Downloading ethernet drivers for installation

I'd recommend temporarily installing a more common nic to complete your installation, and to keep you going until you can resolve the 82573 driver issue.


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Re: Downloading ethernet drivers for installation


unfortunately, those VIA mini-itx chips aren't 100% 686 compatible, which is why the Arch disc doesn't work. Ubuntu's install disc is compiled for 386, as it is based on Debian.

Have a look around for the i586 Arch installer, that should give you no problems at all. I'm not sure how up to date the packages are though.


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