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#1 2005-08-13 01:52:11

From: Norway
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Audigy2 zs no sound

Hey all smile.

I got a little trouble with my sound card, it's making no sound at all sad.

It's an creative audigy2 zs card, I had it working on arch from the day I bought it, but a couple of weeks ago I borrowed some new cool games from one of my friends, installed winxp, fiddling around with software raid (no raid support for c: (1 & 5) unless you own a server version), got bored of the games, got bored of the stuff I had to install to make my PC do my everyday tasks and to survive a 24 hour connection to the net.

So, After installing arch, xorg and gnome I have this sound trouble.

I have added my user to audio
I have added snd-emu10k1 snd-pcm-oss snd-seq-oss to my modules
I have added alsa to my deamons
I have run alsamixer and adjusting the settings
I have run alsactl store
I have tried with and without the setting alsaconf writes in modprobe.conf

Every sound and video app plays without errors, only the sound is missing, its almost as if I had forgotten to plug the audio jack into the sound card (and it's not wink)

Did something change?



#2 2005-12-28 22:30:46

From: Brooklyn, NY
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Re: Audigy2 zs no sound

You sure you've Master and PCM in alsamixer?  There's a little MM at the bottom if it's muted.



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