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I uploaded two packages which are useful for owner of digicams and

cinepaint is the former film-gimp and it is capable two handle sequences of
pictures and can handle pictures with more than 8 bits per channel (high
resolution dynamic)

dcraw is a command line tool, which can converts the raw images of digicams
to ppm format.

What is that combination useful for?
Most of the digicams can capture images with more than 8 bit per channel.
Minoltas Hi7 has 14bit for example. Many basic picture enhancements should
be done using the best resolution you can get. Such are correction of gamma,
contrast, brightness, color or even sharpening. dcraw can convert the raw
files to 48bit (16 per channel) ppm. Then you have to convert the ppm to
tiff (use ImageMagick) and do the basic things in cinepaint before you do
other manipulation (compositing etc) in normal gimp.

It is hard to explain the advantage of that process in a view lines. That
would fill an essay. Please refere to the webpages.    (dcraw)

example for wrong raw conversion (results are comparable to 8bit pics) … shots.php3
(watch the bright parts, the arm and the checkered shirt in the background)

warning: don't use dcraw for 8-bit conversion, cause higher bits are
truncated. This is why I don't build the gimp plugin. The input is truncated
notcompressed to 8bit and quality will be poorer than download a tiff from
the camera.

Does all this mean any digicam looses dynamic informations in oridinary
jpegs or tiffs? No, cameras "compress" their range to 8 bit.

bye neri


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