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Can I move around my partitions??

So heres my problem. I got Arch installed on a computer that I used some old hard drives with. one is 1.2 gb and the other is 3.2gb. Now when I installed, I thought the 1.2 would be enough for my root and I'd use the 3.2 for /home and swap. Well, after running pacman -Syu I found that I had run out of space on my root drive. what i'm wondering is if I could move my root to the other, bigger drive, and move the home to the smaller. would that be possible or would it mess things up? I'd really like to not have to reinstall it again and redo the pacman -Syu, I just finished it on dialup heh. Anyways, any help is appreciated, thanks.


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Re: Can I move around my partitions??

Not sure, but it seems like it would work to create images of both drives using Ghost, TrueImage, or perhaps dd, then you could retore the images to the opposite drives.  You might have to play with the configuration settings a bit, though.



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Re: Can I move around my partitions??

For future reference, if you need some of your space back, you can do pacman -Scc.  This will clear out the package cache.


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Re: Can I move around my partitions??

Check lvm. It allows you to have transparent volumes spanning multiple drives.
Once upon a time, I had a similar problem. I did not have a lot of space anywhere and I had to reconfigure. I made an iso which was as big as I could fit, and then deleted the files which were burnt, and then made a bigger iso etc. until I had all of /home and /usr/local. Then I scrapped the partitioning and reinstalled with everything on one partition and loaded /usr/local and /home.
However the future is virtual and it will probably pay you to learn about lvm. It will save you from the question "How big should I make this partition?"



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