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#1 2005-08-15 02:04:31

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0.7 Install CD and different kernel

Good Evening Arch Community,

Been an Arch user for one full year now. And a happy Arch user at that.

A close friend of mine (not linux savvy) has asked me to setup a brand new Dell Dimension 5100 with Linux.

lspci reports almost everything as "unknown device" on this box...not good I know.

Knoppiz 3.9 will boot, and recognize the SATA controller on this board, and as suspected, it's recognized as a SCSI which is normal.

The 2.6.10 kernel on the 0.7 install CD will not. The HDD is not in discs, it's not in scsi, and playing games with kernel parameters such as acpi=off, and other stuff gets me nowhere.

I need to take the install CD, replace the kernel on it with an updated kernel that can handle this SATA controller, so I can install Arch.

I don't know how to do this. There is a post on the wiki that tells how to make your own live CD, but that's not what I need. And the process seems excrutiatingly painfull and terse.

What I really need is help hacking the existing install CD, putting in a new kernel, and then making the whole thing bootable again in CD form.

Your help will be sincerely appreciated.




#2 2005-08-15 11:25:38

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Re: 0.7 Install CD and different kernel

I'd forget about the CD, and use archbootstrap instead. Boot knoppix, configure a net connection, install archbootstrap, and you'll get the latest versions of everything via ftp .


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