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how can i find my hdparm parameters ?

Harddrive Performance

    * to boost hd performance, tweak using hdparm. best place to put it (imho) is in/etc/rc.sysinit, as the 1st line... my hdparm parameters are :
          o -a1024 = sets read_ahead buffer to 1024 bytes
          o -c3 = sets io support to 32bit with sync
          o -d1 = turn on dma
          o -m16 = sets multile buffers count to 16 (my hd max. find it using hdparm -i)

hdparm -a1024 -c3 -d1 -m16 /dev/hda

im trying to do the post installation tips , and i noticed there is a part for hard drive performance , and are some settings explained , but , how can i find my correct parameters ? , i know i can turn dma on but the other ones have no idea big_smile

is there a way to find about this and not screw up my hd big_smile


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Re: how can i find my hdparm parameters ?

`hdparm -I` tells you the status.  Most of the settings will tell you the present state if you run it w/o a setting (eg `hdparm -d`).  Just run `hdparm -h` and it will give you all of the options.

Help on what to set them to from the gentoo wiki: … erformance


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