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#1 2005-08-17 19:59:03

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Network - time untill connection is dead.

Well, im not sure about it's name but I'll explain the situation and maybe someone will understand what I mean.

Well, I play alot of warcraft3 (using cedega) but sometimes my internet dies, and since I play online I get waiting for host, I go to another screen and see that internet is dead, wait a second and It works, I go back to wc3 and it is still waiting for host, and then I get dissconnected even tho I have internet. I think that there is some timelimit untill a connection is classed dead, and that in that one second the connection dies witchafter it can't be found by wc3 anymoore. Same thing happens when talking in ventrilo (using wine) but I get reconnected directly after.

When I was using windows, this , internet dying thing happened alot when playing wc3
Then when using arch with kernel 2.6 it worked fine, I lagged but after a while I was in the game again. Now I'm using kernel 2.4 (coz i had some problems with uhci_hcd and i couldn't correct them, and since I found kernel2.4 didn't have the problem I changed to it)


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Re: Network - time untill connection is dead.

Are you using a router?  If you are, have a look here for your model.

If you do have a router, check that it is not overheating.

also, from the dsl reports site, I found a reference to a wow page on stopping intermittent disconnects:

I went to the WoW website and followed all of the instructions on how to bypass the random disconnections. No luck with any of it., … ft+timeout

...but I did not bother to check out their site.


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