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Isolate / sandbox java applet

Hello, I am new at Arch Linux and I only have some basic experience with linux in general so bear with me.

I want to isolate / sandbox a java applet running in firefox, but I can't figure out which way is the most simple and effective way to do it. I've heard and read a bit about SELinux, chroot and sandfox, thought I haven't used any of these yet. I want to sandbox this specific applet because of security and privacy issues to insure that the applet can't acces or write personal data.

I have also considered using a virtual machine, but I find that too inconvinient for this situation.

What would you recommend?



#2 2012-08-06 18:27:20

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Re: Isolate / sandbox java applet

JVM is a virtual machine. With a policy file you can just about restrict every resource you could want to for anything that run in the jvm.

Policy Tool … ytool.html
Description and Use of Policy … Files.html
Even Some more. … urity.html


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