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#1 2005-08-19 12:53:46

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Old wiki URLs

Hi all,

I've just noticed that in searching the forums, that I found several references to pages in the old wiki. Given that users are encouraged to search the forums for solutions to known problems. And given that many solutions were in fact links to documentation in the wikis, do you think it wise that the posts containing wiki links should be edited?

Obviously, this is a large undertaking.

I can imagine that it's not a big issue, because if a user sees a post with a link to the old wiki, they should be motivated enough to realise that the page should also exist in the new wiki, and thus give the new wiki a search.

But I don't know, perhaps if mods/forum advisors happen to chance upon old posts with old wiki URLs, update them?

I don't *want* to create extra work for the mods - honest!!


#2 2005-08-19 15:42:52

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Re: Old wiki URLs

if you happen to come across a link like this, go ahead and PM it to me and I'll fix it.

That goes for everyone... if you happen upon a "wiki2" link, send me the post and I'll fix it


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