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shell (ksh) resolves a middle link(directory) in pwd to it's absolute

the relevant file-hierarchy is

~/stup/spamer -> ~/codigo/spamer

entering my project through the link (~/stup/spamer) I verify my pwd:

in ksh the builtin `pwd` produces the fictitious hierarchy (aka., logical) created with links  (I'm fine with that)
I know that behaviour can be changed with -P or -L flags...

But when I do:

~/stup/spamer(link)$ ls ..


~/stup/spamer(link)$ echo ../*

I get the listing of the absolute path, in other words, the listing of the 'codigo' directory,
not the 'stup' directory (that's what I want)

Is this a fixed behaviour or can this be changed to follow the logical hierarchy?

Thanks in advance for any answer...

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