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VMware and systemd Setup

I am trying (unsuccessfully) to setup a pure systemd environment. So far, I have everything working, except VMWare Workstation 8. It seems that the VMWare Workstation installation is not creating systemd units to start the VMware services. I have tried a few different approaches.

1. I installed VMware Workstation 8 while having both systemd and sysVinit installed. Only sysVinit style services were installed.
2. I uninstalled VMware Workstation 8. Then, I used the wiki article at … stallation to setup a pure systemd environment. Then, I installed VMware Workstation 8 again. Still, no VMware service unit files.
3. I have googled all over creation (inluding wiki and forums), but cannot find anything that will point me in the right direction for installing with systemd units.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to install VMware Workstation 8 for Linux on Arch Linux using a pure systemd installation? Do I need to manually create the systemd service units to accomplish this? I can't imagine that is necessary, as I have come across references to systemd units, just nothing related to how to install VMware Workstation and either automatically or manually create the systemd units. Also, I have carefully read through the wiki article related to installing VMware Worksation on Arch Linux at, but it did not provide any assistance for a systemd setup either.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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Re: VMware and systemd Setup

I'm also at the same point as you are. This is very interesting, and since the maintainers are planning on moving to systemd anyway, is there some kind of tutorial or hint how to get this working?
Very relevant to my interest.

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Re: VMware and systemd Setup

I also am trying to setup a systemd environment and came across this in the wiki....


On systemd only systems (rc.d is owned by initscripts) you need to create a separate .service file:


Description=VMware daemon
ExecStart=/etc/rc.d/vmware start
ExecStop=/etc/rc.d/vmware stop

Then start the service with:
# systemctl start vmware.service


I also ran the command: -- # systemctl enable vmware.service -- which should start vmware modules at boot.

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Re: VMware and systemd Setup

I was recently struggling with the same issue, and decided to convert the original VMware initscript to a set of true systemd scripts if you're interested.
I've posted them in the VMware Community here.


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