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#1 2012-08-14 22:07:31

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ATI Catalyst Problem - Game Not Centered

I have a problem with screen resolution, in this case Counter-Strike 1.6 @ 640x480 (also 800x600), the game isn't centered in the screen.

This problem appeared after Catalyst upgrade, then tried to downgrade ATI driver but couldn't because of newer kernel, then tried to downgrade kernel but in the end couldn't solve it.

Right now the system is fully updated but the problem remains as you can see in link below.

linux 3.4.8-1
wine 1.5.10-1
catalyst-hook 12.6-4

A workaround is to change resolution to 640x480 before launching the game... Do you know a better fix?

Note: yes I'm running the game in 4:3 just like before the problem.


#2 2012-12-15 01:08:59

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Re: ATI Catalyst Problem - Game Not Centered

Yes, you can run the game in a separate X session with the following comand
sudo X :2 -ac -terminate & sleep 4 & DISPLAY=:2 nice -20 wine PATH_TO_GAME_EXE


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