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Does it only burn at 24x or does it try 52x and then the buffer keeps emptying?

I have had this problem on-and-off for a while.  In my case the buffer yo-yos at any speed faster than about 16x.  I have tried several things, right now it is working fine with k3b 0.12.3-1 and a 2.6.12 kernel. 

Some things that I needed to change were the temp file location in the k3b setup so that it does not use the tmpfs /tmp directory (I changed it to /var/tmp).  My hard drive was >~95% full and that was part of the problem, ext3 and reiserfs seem to bog down starting at 80% even. 

I played around with schedulers (cat /sys/block/hdc/queue/scheduler to see) and did not find any improvement


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Did you try burning from command-line? You can set the '-speed=X' flag for cdrecord.

So in case you haven't tried it yet, you can try writing a CD with growisofs and the -speed flag.

Also, writing speeds change during the burning. I'm not sure if cdrecord frontends like k3b show this, but I read that the CD burner will start  spinning faster towards the end (that does make sense).

P.S. You are sure you can write at such speeds, right? You succesfully write at 52x under Windows? I thought 52x would fry the disc.

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your CD writer has test reviews (check google) that indicate its good for 52x with a lot of popular media. 52x comes out around 3 minutes i think including fixation and so on.

Maybe write one under Windows and compare, this should highlight if its a process or media problem. Also, check the time to write the CD.

Its possible that some programs may indicate instantaneous speed, while others give an average.  plus, if i rem correctly, the speed does vary depending upon where on the disk the laser is.


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Did you make a test with a kernel other than the -cko2 one?
With the stock Arch kernel I have no trouble reaching 52X with a Plextor Premium, but that is only with a few good media. With the majority, the (not exactly fully MMC-3 compliant) Plextor official firmware lowers the speed to some 24X or so, ignoring the software settings.
You could try upgrading the drive's firmware- latest one is R522S09. The one you use isn't listed officially, or at least it is not anymore...
By the way there's a drive review at CDfreaks, where the drive had the same firmware you use now and the writing speed with quite a few 52X certiified media was not more than 40X (writing done with Nero under Windows). This is due to it's "smartburn" feature, which cannot be disabled.

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