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From: Kharkiv, Ukraine
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Compiling linux for embedded system using Arch.

Hi. I build the vanilla kernel for an embedded system using special buildsystem. This buildsystem calls

make INSTALL_MOD_PATH=embedded_fs_path modules_install

The kernel's Makefile installs the modules to embedded_fs_path/lib/modules/$(KERNELRELEASE) and calls /sbin/depmod -b embedded_fs_path $(KERNELRELEASE).

This operation fails under Archlinux because /sbin/depmod is a part of kmod and it expects that modules are placed to /usr/lib/ instead of /lib, so it tryes to make dependencies in embedded_fs_path/usr/lib/modules/$(KERNELRELEASE) instead of embedded_fs_path/lib/modules/$(KERNELRELEASE).

What is correct solution for this issue? I can pass DEPMOD variable to kernel's Makefile to use something else instead of /sbin/depmod, but i don't know value of this variable should be.

Is there any command line options for kmod to force using /lib instead of /usr/lib? As I've seen in kmod sources, there aren't.
Is there any package in repositiries or AUR or somewhere else which provides an application that behaves the same way as old depmod with /lib/ modules location?



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