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[solved] building a package with bjam

Hello all,

I'm trying to figure out how to create a package that builds with bjam. When I build the package manually, I only need to run

./bjam --prefix=/usr --with-feature1 --with-feature2 ...etc

and the binaries are created correctly. I need to use "./bjam" because the project supplies its own version of bjam to reassure compatibility with its code.

When I use the same command inside the PKGBUILD, compilation starts fine and in the end I get an error in the build() function, without further explanations.

Since I'm not at all familiar with bjam, can anyone point me to some sample PKGBUILDs or give me some tips how to create the PKGBUILD?


EDIT: It seems no special procedure is needed. The problem occurs due to a failure in the bjam build which forces makepkg to abort.

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