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#1 2005-08-27 19:33:33

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openmosix and arch linux

I am trying to build myself a simple load balancing cluster, and a friend of mine recommended openmosix to me.  Unfortunately, I don't know much about compliling kernels or anything like that, and have always used the arch kernels.  So I had a brainstorm, that I could download the kernel source, patch it with the openmosix patch, and then use the archlinux PKGBUILD to make the kernel using the patched source, which would then create an arch kernel that had openmosix in it.  Anybody have any ideas or recommendations or do you think this would work?

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Re: openmosix and arch linux

It would probably be much more simple to just compile your own kernel than try to customize the arch kernel. Configuring is just a matter of figuring out which drivers to use. You can just download the kernel source from, put it in /usr/src/, configure, and compile. There are various instruction on how to do this online. Gentoo has some good documentation on this.

After you have compiled you own kernel, you will also need to compile any kernel modules that you want to use with it. Also, you dont need to use hotplug if you have compiled a custom kernel.

You might also try dynabolic or cluster knoppix if you just want to play around it.

good luck and have fun.


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