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#1 2005-08-29 16:38:49

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GUI Pacman front ends

This thread is intended to provide a "locator" resource for all the GUI pacman frontends people seem to be creating.

I would appretiate it if the author of each front end posted a small (2-3 line) description of their creation, along with a homepage link and an AUR link (where applicable).  Screenshots would also be nice.

This thread is only intended for this purpose and will be cleaned of other posts.  If this thread ends up locked and you have a front end to add, feel free to PM any of the moderator staff and we will unlock it for you.


#2 2005-08-29 21:09:34

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Re: GUI Pacman front ends

Hello, I'm the author of Guzuta (Named after the orange monster from the Pac-Man game), a GUI pacman front end coded in pygtk.

Guzuta is a front end to pacman in the sense that it only provides a graphical interface and pacman is used for everything (although using libpypac is being planned), and it supports the most important features that you'd expect from pacman in what I consider a nice way.


Project Page:


Aur: … =1&ID=1800


#3 2005-08-30 01:06:32

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Re: GUI Pacman front ends

EDIT (phrakture): I believe this is a dead project. Please PM me if this changes.

Hi, i'm coding gtkPacman, a pygtk gui for pacman. I've reimplemented in pure python some pacman fetures (mostly db reading), while the pakages operations (add, remve, sync and so on...) are managed by pacman calls



Sources: … up_id=4808

AUR: … =1&ID=1724

The 1.2 version is avaible on community

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gtkPacman - PyGTK package manager based on pacman


#4 2005-09-01 14:25:09

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Re: GUI Pacman front ends

EDIT (phrakture): I believe this is broken with the release of pacman 3.1. Please PM me if this changes.

Hi, I'm the main author of the Jacman front-end. It's implemented in Java, and before you worry, it looks great and runs as quick as any GUI app.

Jacman provides an almost complete front-end to pacman, in a user-friendly way. Real-time searching of packages; full dependency trees and even "rollback" support. Many more great features to come!


Screenshots … creenshots

Package … pkg.tar.gz

AUR … =1&ID=1350

Hosted at Berlios - click here for details


#5 2006-08-11 12:32:35

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Re: GUI Pacman front ends

I'am the author of alunn. It's a tray notification applet for Pacman updates and the news on the Arch Linux main page.

Homepage, screenshots, package and source code

AUR … =1&ID=6098

Forum thread


#6 2007-06-20 11:13:27

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Re: GUI Pacman front ends

Hi, I am the author of kPacUpdate, a simple notification system tray icon for package updates. It's written for KDE and kept simple.

Thanks to the author of alunn for the icon btw.

kPacUpdate displays a small system tray icon which is green if your system is up to date and switches to yellow if there are any updates. It checks for updates periodically (currently 30 minutes, will be configurable soon) and switches color if there are updates. You can access a manual refresh by right clicking the icon.
There's a "Update now" entry if there are new updates (currently it simply executes konsole with pacman running for updates).
It's far from beeing complete (should emerge into something like alunn soon.)

None yet, will soon be hosted on

I'll do some today evening smile

Package (Source) … .2.tar.bz2

AUR … s=0&SeB=nd

None yet as I am the only developer.


#7 2007-06-26 19:48:05

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Re: GUI Pacman front ends

I'd like to present PacKommander, which is a simple GUI frontend to pacman in the form of a kommander script. It is meant to provide an easy and intuitive way for doing almost everything that the CLI pacman can do, including install/upgrade/remove/query/search packages both from server as well as local packages. It can also handle multiple packages at a time using a "Package Queue".  It is simple in the sense that it provides just a GUI which uses pacman at the back to get things done!
Further details are available on the home page.

Project Home Page :  (Includes links to screenshots)

Download :  (Current version is 2.5)

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March Linux : An Arch Linux "distrolet" that I am trying to develop (March = My Arch!)
Please take a look......:)


#8 2008-02-13 00:27:07

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Re: GUI Pacman front ends

PacmanNotifier is a simple new-package notification applet. It sits on the systray and informs of any new updates it sees as time passes. It also informs of pending updates (packages which will be updated on next -Su). Written in Ruby, has both Gtk and KDE GUIs.
(NOTE: I'm polishing off a few things for usability, but it should be usable... I'm using it smile

NOTE: I need to ask the creator of alunn if it is ok to use the same icons alunn uses. On the screenshots you'll see those, but that look is not final, since I need to ask permission for this.

Homepage & Screenshots:

Aur: … 1&ID=15193

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#9 2008-04-05 16:27:36

From: Milano, Italy
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Re: GUI Pacman front ends

Hey everyone, I'm a developer of Shaman, a libalpm frontend written in Qt4.

Shaman is a frontend to libalpm, this means that it's not calling pacman and showing output in a terminal, it is more an alternative frontend to pacman. It is capable of doing almost anything pacman can do, and it also features some addons, such as an interface to build packages from ABS. It also features automatic updates and upgrade notifications.

Trac (bugtracker & wiki)

Sourceforge Project Page:

AUR Packages: (shaman-svn, creates a package from latest svn revision)

Thanks! smile


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