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#1 2012-09-09 02:33:43

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HP fingerprint setup application

Hi all,

I have a new HP dv6 with a fingerprint reader from Validity Sensors. Me, and a lot of other HP owners are unable to use the fingerprint reader, because there are no linux drivers for it (even fprint wouldn't recognize it).

Now, the Validity sensor website has provided a linux setup for the reader, but it is only in rpm. … 1.i586.rpm

It would be great if somebody could create a AUR package for this.

Custom built Openbox Arch linux 64



#2 2012-09-27 10:55:24

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Re: HP fingerprint setup application

I just got my new HP laptop and although I don't need the scanner, I'd appreciate it working smile
I tried to extract the package you linked and it seems it consists of a sensor binary, a driver and a daemon. The first two look OK, but we'd need to rewrite the daemon to a systemd service... Or maybe it might work the way old sysvinit daemons do, but it's hard to tell for me.


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Re: HP fingerprint setup application

My thinkpad has a fingerprint reader, and I decided one day to do the work to get it working.  Fortunately, mine is a Upek, and was able to use the fingerprint-gui AUR package from Ubuntu which apparently has a number of fringerprint drivers. 

But the one thing I would like to share about my experience is that having the fingerprint reader set up and working was probably the most annoying thing ever.  I would imagine if you use it for logging in and/or screen lock, it would probably be okay.  As I do not use a display manager or screen locker, I set it up to use w/ sudo.  It was terribl, and I promply disabed my fingerprint reader in the bios.  I hope you find better uses for it than I.


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