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[SOLVED] Restore Syslinux after Windows install

So, I'm the coming days, as you all know, Windows 8 will be released. I am planning on upgrading Windows 7 to Windows 8 (I'm doing a clean install, actually). Trouble is, this creates the annoying problem of Syslinux (or GRUB) being destroyed, which will stop me booting into Arch Linux.

How would I go about restoring Syslinux once Windows 8 has been installed?

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Re: [SOLVED] Restore Syslinux after Windows install

- Mount the root partition on /mnt.
- Mount the boot partition (if you have one) on /mnt/boot.
- Run "arch-chroot /mnt", and proceed with the instructions from the Beginner's Guide for whichever bootloader you want: … bootloader

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Re: [SOLVED] Restore Syslinux after Windows install

You can also just mount root partition under /mnt and run:

syslinux-install_update -c /mnt -iam


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Re: [SOLVED] Restore Syslinux after Windows install

Sweet! Many thanks @mhertz I had exactly this issue after installing Win7 again.

syslinux-install_update -c /mnt -iam

....reinstalled syslinux and kept my previous configuration. Rebooted and everything is working as normal smile


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