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Regarding my lib32-mingw-w64-* packages

I have been getting a few inquiries as to why some of my packages are 32-bit only as opposed to 32 AND 64 bit like the normal packages. These packages are 32-bit only because of errors that had risen with 64-bit compilation. I submitted them anyway because 32-bit only is better than nothing. However, I do welcome any fixes/patches that may help resolve 64-bit building issues. Just email them to me.

Below I will sum up the difficulty with each of my packages.

lib32-mingw-w64-apr(-util): Can't recall, but still likely to vomit on 64-bit
lib32-mingw-w64-atkmm: Fails on 64-bit due to a double 'DllMain' definition in mingw-w64-atk.
lib32-mingw-w64-gtk2: Fails on 64-bit due to a double 'DllMain' definition in mingw-w64-atk
lib32-mingw-w64-gtkglext: Depends on lib32-mingw-w64-gtk2
lib32-mingw-w64-gtkglextmm: Depends on lib32-mingw-w64-gtkglext
lib32-mingw-w64-gtkmm: Depends on lib32-mingw-w64-gtk2
lib32-mingw-w64-gtksourceview2: Depends on lib32-mingw-w64-gtk2
lib32-mingw-w64-libgcrypt: Can't recall why it fails, but it has failed despite multiple tweaks
lib32-mingw-w64-libunicows: MSLU was intended for Windows 2000 and earlier, which are not 64-bit
lib32-mingw-w64-pangomm: mingw-w64-pango for 64-bit has problems even though it builds
lib32-mingw-w64-wxmsw(-static): Chokes on threads code. Suggest using mingw-w64-wxmsw2.9(-static) as they will eventually replace these packages with mingw-w64-wxmsw ones

Additionally, mingw-w64-libunistring and mingw-w64-speex refuse to link a 64-bit DLL and only provide static 64-bit libs due to libtool complaining about undefined errors. mingw-w64-bzip2 is NOT recommended to be installed when testing these packages as libtool hates it and you will most likely get broken dependencies.

UPDATE #1: I will look into adjusting mingw-w64-atk to build only static 64-bit, as to allow its dependencies some degree of 64-bit operability

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