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#1 2005-08-31 20:57:57

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Lexmark x615 printer

I have a Lexmark z615 that I'm trying to set up.  I've followed the tutorial on  It shows up according to what they say to look for, but when I try to print, CUPS says that it's processing, and then aborts the job.  When i look at the web interface for CUPS, the status of the printer says "cannot process raster" and won't do anything.  I have no idea what this means.  Any thoughts on how to fix this?


#2 2005-09-08 03:18:34

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Re: Lexmark x615 printer

bostoniman wrote:

I have a Lexmark z615...

I have a z515 that I got working almost a year ago.  Cant remember the details, but if you still need assistance I might be able to figure out what I did.


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