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Why remote SVN checkout requires 3 password authentications?

I just set up subversion on a secondary machine of mine that I plan on using as a development server, and had a weird occurance.  When I try to check out a test project I made using svn+ssh, it prompts me for my password three times before actually performing the checkout procedure.

$ svn checkout svn+ssh://server.ip.address/path/to/repo/project/trunk testingsvn

I am new to version control and svn, but everything should be set up correctly.  I haven't messed around with complex permissions and managing user rights etc. as I plan on only myself using this repository (for the time being) and just wanted to get things up and running.  I'm using svnserve as opposed to apache, once again for simplicity.  I think that about covers it...any thoughts?


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Re: Why remote SVN checkout requires 3 password authentications?

If you are using svnserve, then you dont need svn+ssh.
svn+ssh uses ssh wrapping to handle auth. It actually opens an ssh connection to the server, and then behaves as if it was a local svn checkout (simplification). Each connection to the server will require auth (password). This can be quite a pain in the keister.

Some people use ssh keys to get around the need to enter a password all the time. This works quite well, but you also dont want your keys spread all over creation.

the apache integration is, in my mind, the best way to use subversion. I use it with https, so my passwords are not passed around plain-text. The other benefit is you can define fine-grained permissions, to the directory level, instead of just the repo level.

For instance, I can grant anonymous checkouts read access...I can grant write access to elasticdog to the /repo/trunk, and read access to /repo/tags and branches..
and then I could grant myself full access to everthing (read and write).
That way, elasticdog can work in the trunk, but only I can create branches and tags.. … h-6-sect-3 for more info

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