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#1 2012-09-24 02:30:50

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Trackpad works but mouse doesnt

Hi all, I have a X11/KDE setup going but the mouse does not work.  I can navigate with the trackpad though and the keyboard works fine.  I read a wiki article about configuring the mouse, but I do not have an xorg.conf file and if I try to generate one with X -configure, I get an error because X is running.  How can I fix the mouse problem and also how can I add an option in GRUB2 to boot Arch without KDE or X?  Thanks for your time


#2 2012-09-24 04:15:39

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Re: Trackpad works but mouse doesnt

Welcome to Arch, your success here will depend largely on being able to work toward your own solutions.  I'm not saying posting here is not okay, but our distribution has one of the most comprehensive wikis in existence.  So asking about things that are covered clearly in the wiki will probably not provide the desired response.


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Re: Trackpad works but mouse doesnt

Switch to TTY using CTRL+ALT+F1, then try your xorg configuration command.

Also, do you have: xf86-input-evdev installed? Install it if not.


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