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Developing with Eclipse: SVN ? Git ?

Dear all,

I'm currently using Eclipse and its subversive plugin for a few java/php/python/scala projects I started a while ago.

I can't figure out how to organize my files and I wonder if there aregood programming practices I should apply:
- should I get rid of the src directory that was once created by eclipse and work directly in trunk/branches/tags when I need to ?
- should I keep the src as a 'local cache' in which I can check out the trunk/branches/tags to work on them ? how can I fill it with the trunk, or a specific branch or tag ?
- should I modify all my jardesc files (and other stuffs) so that they point to the trunk instead of the src directory ? should I use ant build files ?

I'm also thinking about using git, but before giving it a try with the eGit plugin, I wonder how eGit/git compares to subversive/SVN ? What are your personal preferences and why ?

Thanks all for your help smile



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Re: Developing with Eclipse: SVN ? Git ?

I use GIT for all my personal projects and collaborative projects at work.  Can't say anything bad about it; it's awesome smile

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Re: Developing with Eclipse: SVN ? Git ?

I use GIT. The branching model is super awesome. SVN is ghost from past, nowadays it's only GIT vs Mercurial in my opinion.
Try one of them and you will understand why (In case you have strong SVN habits, Mercurial may be better choice)

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