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Using an imageboard engine to organize pictures locally

Hi guys!

First a little background.  I have a LOT of pictures, which I keep organized in a general directory hierarchy.  However, it's gotten to the point where even just folders is a bit unwieldy, so I decided to go to a tagging approach instead.

But there's really no "champion" image organizing program for Linux.  I've tried all the common ones (digiKam, F-Spot, etc.), and they just are too unwieldy for viewing and sorting pictures.

Then I had a crazy idea to host a local imageboard to organize my photos.  After all, they're pretty much designed for the mass handling of photos in the first place, so why not use the right tool for the job?

So I pacman'd apache, php, mysql and installed Shimmie  Now that I have it up and running though,  I'm having a little doubts with whether I'll run into problems down the road.  After all, as a Linux hacker I'm all too familiar with the "Hey, why not do this"->five hours of work later->"oh, THAT's why.  damn" turn of events.

So I'm just wondering, any opinions, ideas, alternate organization methods, unknown really good programs, things to consider, etc.?


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