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#1 2012-09-29 16:00:10

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L702x: subwoofer not working

I own a Dell L702x and I realized that the subwoofer is not working. As I saw, many users of similar laptops (that contain the ALC665) have the same problem. The subwoofer is not detected by alsa.

Has anybody encountered the same problem and fixed it? I tried in some different ways, but nothing happens.

Edit: Here is the alsa-info output:

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#2 2012-10-10 17:20:33

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Re: L702x: subwoofer not working

My subwoofer did not work initially, though I have a very different setup.  The solution was to play with the model used by the snd_hda_intel module.  From this, this, and this, you might want to try putting the following in /etc/modproble.d/sound.conf:

options snd-hda-intel model=asus-mode[x]

where [x] is a number 1-8.


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