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#1 2003-10-12 21:24:24

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Enabling Color For New Initscripts

I note that the brand new initscripts are written in such a way as to employ color. Things would seem to depend on the colorizing being enabled somehow, however, since run as installed, they yield just plain old light gray. I learned all of this the hard way after using Gyroplast's patch to colorize the old scripts on a new install of Arch last night. Running pacman -Syu to update the install, the new scripts went on without my suspecting that they would do so and blanched out all of my artistry. I'm not even sure that Dennis's patch can be used with these new scripts. Were the implications of this change announced somewhere?

Anyway, how is this colorizing achieved? Does one of the boot scripts do the enabling? If so, how?



#2 2003-10-12 21:36:01

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Re: Enabling Color For New Initscripts

Add the following line in your /etc/rc.conf to enable colored initscripts output (it's great btw) :


Check /etc/rc.d/functions for more info on how colors are created. Gyroplast's patch changes that file, so it won't apply on the new version.

For changelogs of pkgs I'd suggest to check the comments in cvs repository ( That's how I track changes on important pkgs...


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