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Build errors using ABS


I have a general question to ask about building arch using ABS and makepkg, and will freely admit that I am pretty new to arch. However, I do have a lot of experience using other distros such as RedHat, Ubuntu, Slackware and gentoo, and in building both kernels and applications from source.

My build machine is installed using the 2012.09.07-dual CD and I have updated everything with pacman -Syu. I have run abs to update its database. So, I believe that everything is current. However, while building the core packages from arch I am besieged with compiler errors. Dependency errors are expected, and I have no problem working with those. But I'm seeing a lot of build failures related to problems in the code. I would expect these problems from contributed packages, but this is occurring in the core.

My question is, "Should I be expecting this?" I don't mean this to sounds overly negative, because I really do like what has been done with arch. Is there some documentation that I'm missing? With other distros, I have had occasional build breaks, but I am having to tweak about 10% of the arch packages. I'm just using abs and the standard repositories. Am I doing something wrong?

Thank you for any suggestions.
Brian Smith

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Re: Build errors using ABS

We do not particularly support building from source.  The build scripts were known to work when the packages were released but most of the errors you will be seeing are because of new releases for glibc and the kernel.

BTW, these are all fixed on the SVN trunk for each package...


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