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[SOLVED] Gray Boxes in GTK3/Gnome 3.4/Gnome Shell


I have googled for this, but maybe my lack of ablility to exactly describe the issue as a search term is why I can't find anything. But I hve a problem that is just driving me crazy....

I have gray boxes that are round menu items, tab names, the clock and user name when screen is locked, etc... that is really throwing off the look of my desktop and driving me crazy.

Here are some screenshots to hopefully show what I mean.




The first two are with the adawita theme. The least one is with the evolve theme to show it doesn't seem to matter what the gtk theme is.

Here is what I've done:
1.) This might be why it had happened: I tried out gnome-unstable for a few hours, to get a look at gnome shell 3.6. After deciding that I wasn't ready to move to it yet (some of the extensions that I'd still want for it aren't there yet), I removed the repository, did a pacman -Syy, did a pacman -Rcsn of gnome, then reinstalled gnome as per the wiki.

2.) I have removed all of the stuff on /home to get a fresh start after seeing the boxes.

3.) I have removed with Rcsn and reinstalled gnome.

4.) I have made sure to install the gtk2 theme engines, just in case.

5.) I read through the gtk+, gnome pages on our wiki.

6.) I googled.

And yet, I still have those damnable graphic glitches....

So I am banging my head against a wall here, I do hope someone here can help, at least point me in the right direction. Thanks!

Ok, so I have fixed my issue. I ended up pretty much removing everything except the base system, xorg, video drivers, and such. Somehow or another, there were left behind traces of my brief experiment with 3.6 that was causing the issue.

Once I got down to almost a fresh new start I was able to re-install gnome and the graphic mess-ups were gone.

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