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IOGEAR GBU421 Bluetooth Dongle - Headset Mic Not Working

Briefly, I have the following equipment:

1)  IOGEAR GBU421 USB Bluetooth Dongle
2)  Logitech Bluetooth Headset A-00031 (also billed under "Logitech Bluetooth Headset for iPad")

Everything on this dongle/headset combo works, save for the mic in Arch.  Mic works on win7.

Bluetooth system:  bluez
Manger (GUI):         blueman

Suspected Problem:  bluez is not recognizing Hands Free Profile (HFP1.5) with this headset.

Attempted Solve:  Installing "hfpforlinux" from AUR -- Attempted, received build error; waiting for response from AUR project maintainer.

Any help on this would be appreciated.  Thank you in advance.

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