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system can't see virtio drives

I have VDS and need more available space, so my task is to connect new virtual drives.
Hoster support said that this is not possible using Arch, but I can't believe. KVM wiki sayd, that it's fine on arch.

to start modules I wrote in mkinitcpio these modules in regenerated new initramfs iso (and booted, using it). also I write modules in rc.conf.
In conclusion, lsmod sayd that needed modules works: virtio virtio_blk virtio_ring virtio_pci.

But, still nothing.

# fdisk -l

can't see any /vdX

# dmesg | grep virtio

  - empty

# ls /dev/vdX

- empty

# cat /proc/partitions

- no /vdX

#zgrep VIRTIO /proc/config.gz

sayd that all virtio options are "m"

Maybe I need to install some additional packages? Or I must to compile new kernel? I tryed to do this with options "y" for all virtios but a have no space (maybe you know how many I need, 1 gb or 4.. 20?..)
Google sayd nothing:( only kvm wiki sayd that I must activate modules (I do this).

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