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s2disk stops working after laptop has been on for a day or two

Running s2disk usually works flawlessly. However, I've discovered that after maybe a day or two, or three of the laptop being on (being put into a hibernate whenever I travel) hibernate stops working. There will be no error message on the screen when it runs, neither will there be any errors that I spot in /var/log/messages or /var/log/pm-suspend.log if I try pm-hibernate.
What happens is the screen goes blank and starts showing the s2disk messages, then it says that it's compressing the image, then it just pops up into my normal desktop environment.
The only difference I've seen on the screen between a successful hibernate and a non-successful hibernate is that the non-successful one never says "compressed image to ..... "

Thank you for your time

Edit: On a similar note, which may help to solve this, a similar thing happens when I s2ram (although they don't coincide - right now I can s2ram but not s2disk). When I s2ram it works but immediately wakes up without me moving the mouse, hitting a key, etc.

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